About us

WGF Tattoo was the brain child of Aramis Pugh and Kyle Olson, in order for Aramis to have Enough room for him to work on his side projects of airbrushing

They opened the shop in the late summer of 2009

In 2012, they knew it was time to add an additional artist, which is when Hogan was welcomed to the shop. 

After some time Hogan took on an apprentice in 2013 and that artist, Red, Completed his apprenticeship in 2016 and became a permanent artist in the shop.

Kyle brought on Kat as an apprentice in early 2017 and she completed her apprenticeship at the end of 2019 becoming the 5th artist at the shop. 

WGF Tattoo is home to five well-rounded artists with a diverse artistic background, offering numerous types of tattoo styles. Each artist enjoys a challenge and finds solitude when sitting in their tattoo chairs.